I dialed Jenny’s number, curious as to what she would say. Soon, I discovered I had nothing to worry about. Jenny was a pleasant young lady and was intrigued by the possibility that her grandfather or grand uncle, Will or Jim Smith, could be Jane’s father.  She told me what a great man her grandfather had been. He had moved to California and married her grandmother there by 1950.  Jenny and I came up with a plan: she would buy a DNA kit for her father, Todd, to take and send in to Ancestry.  His results would help us determine if Will or Jim was the father.  A few days later, I received a call from Angie, Jenny’s cousin. Her mother, Cathy, was Todd’s sister.  Angie had talked to Jenny and was equally as excited to solve the puzzle of Jane’s father.  Jane was obviously related to their family, we just didn’t know how yet.

We impatiently waited for a month or more for Todd’s test results to come back.  I finally received a call from Jenny.  They were here!  I quickly checked Jane’s DNA profile on Ancestry.  Darn!  The numbers weren’t conclusive.  Todd’s DNA matched Jane’s but was in the very low range for a half-sibling, and the high range for a first cousin.  Back to the drawing board.  After lengthy discussions with Jenny and Angie, we decided to get ahold of the other brother, Jim’s, daughter and see if she would take a DNA test.  She readily agreed.  Another month or more wait.  Her results finally came in…she matched as a definite first cousin (she was actually disappointed she didn’t match as a half-sister).  So, we could rule out Jim as the father.  More discussions with Jenny and Angie.  Angie decided to convince her mom, Diane, Todd’s sister into taking the DNA test.  She agreed.  Here we were again: order the kit, spit into the tube, send it in, and wait.

Finally the day arrived.  The test results came back.  Diane’s DNA came back with a 95% probability of being a half-sibling to Jane!  Coincidently, it was Jane’s 70th birthday that day. What a great birthday present.  With Todd’s, Cathy’s, Angie’s, Jenny’s and now Diane’s DNA results, plus the genealogy research and tree I had constructed, we could confidently say that Will Smith was Jane’s father.  We’ll never now if he knew, or what the story was about how he met Jane’s mother.  However, we found a family who opened their arms and accepted Jane based on the DNA and genealogy research.  Not all stories like this have a happy ending, but fortunately, this one did.