The following is a poem written by my great grandmother, Virginia (Jenny) Coate Harper. I thought it was very fitting for this beautiful Midwestern spring day.


Happy springtime’s here again,

The gladdest of the year.

The birds are singing in the trees

To fill our hearts with cheer.

There’s violets blooming in the dell

Where bunny rabbits play,

And bees are droning round the trees

Mid apple blossoms gay.

The daffodils and tulip bright

Begins a gorgeous race,

While lilac, rose, and columbine

Will vie for scent and grace.

The turtledove coos to its mate

As their nest they have just begun

While mother hen and baby chicks

Are basking in the sun.

Long furrows top of fresh plowed soil

Stretch far across the field,

A symbol of the thoughts and plans

For crops this earth will yield.

At signs of putting forth new life

Some happy thoughts must cling

For birds, and beast and all mankind

Must love the happy spring.

Jenny was born onBertJenny051 21 Mar 1874 to Calvin W. and Candace (Coppock) Coate.  She married Elbert S. Harper on 22 Dec 1902.  Jenny died on 28 Sep 1950. Much of her poetry was discovered years after her death, mixed among personal papers and possessions.  Many of these poems were written on the backs of used envelopes, old letters, or scraps of paper.  In the 1990’s, Jenny’s granddaughter, Betty, self-published a small collections of Jenny’s poetry to preserve it for future generations.[1]

[1] Schwartman, Betty (Taylor) Smith, Ed., Jenny: A  Portrait in Poetry. 199?, self-published.