Today is day 2 of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society’s 38th Annual Conference in Grand Island.  Yesterday we had several great session from George Morgan of Aha!Seminars.  “The Genealogist as CSI” was a refreshing view of genealogy research from a different perspective.  We look for clues, gather evidence, evaluate the evidence, develop hypotheses, and reach conclusions just like crime scene investigators do.

George also spoke about using maps to further our genealogy research, as well as locating and analyzing obituaries for more clues.  The sessions also included a panel discussion from several lineage societies, including Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Colonial Dames, The Society of Mayflower Descendents, and Union Daughters of the Civil War.  Although I am already a member of DAR, I really think I should talk to a few friends about joining Colonial Dames, and Union Daughters. Both sound like worthwhile organizations. Alas, I do not qualify for the Mayflower Society. Darn.

Today we look forward to more lectures from George on using the U.S. Agricultural Census Schedules, and gleaning clues from newspapers.  We also have on the schedule, Kassie Nelson speaking on Handing Down History to the next generation, and a panel discussion on Genealogical Computer Programs (Legacy, RootsMagic, FamilyTreeMaker). I can’t wait for another great day of communing with my genealogy friends and colleagues.