Gail1I was playing around with the Omaha World Herald archives at the Omaha Public Library website yesterday.  Lo and behold I found several articles on my father-in-law, Gail Garnett!  There were quite a few snippets about his “track star” days at Omaha Technical High School in 1940 and 1941.  However, this one actually has a picture of him! OWHJuly1941b: (Omaha World-Herald, 6 Jul 1941, p. 3-B, Col. 1).  

And another one with a picture of Gail in his Navy uniform: OWHMar1942 (Omaha World-Herald, 29 Mar 1942, p. 4-B, Col. 1).

One more of Gail and Corinne in Omaha on a visit: OWHJuly1951 (Omaha World-Herald, Evening Edition, 13 July 1951, p. 18, Col. 2).

What great finds!  I’ll have to see if I can obtain copies of the photos from the OWH archives.

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