I have been sorting, purging, and organizing boxes of memorabilia & genealogy “stuff” for the past week.  In the process, I unearthed a couple of “Grandma gifts” and had to stop and think about my Grandma Taylor (Amy Ruth Harper Taylor).  She was a true crafter — she could make something out of almost nothing!  She would have fit in very well in today’s circles of “green” and recycled crafters.

One item I had from her was a throw rug crocheted from bread bags. Oh, I wish I had a picture!  That rug lasted at least 15-20 years.  It finally fell apart in the mid-90’s and I am pretty sure she made it in the 70s.  One of the items I found in my treasure hunt through the boxes was a framed poem she had given to me(probably sometime in the 80s).  She had 


hand-written the poem and decorated it with dried flowers.  Yes, those are real flowers!  How did she know that this little piece of her would become so meaningful to me after my husband’s death (ten years after Grandma was gone)?  Serendipity I think.

Another item I unearthed was a Valentine’s card made by Grandma.  She was always sending us home-made things like that. You see, Grandma was a 1st grade teacher for over 25 years and I’m sure her love of arts & crafts was reflected in her classroom. Can you tell that the photo in the card is one of her “school photos”?  What is so precious about this Valentine is that the heart around the picture was tatted by Grandma.  I also love the inscription on the inside.  I can’t think of a better way to remember my Grandma than through the many “little gifts” she made for us through the years.  There were a few “duds” now and then, and my sisters & I will start laughing hysterically when we think back about the “turkey bone necklaces” we got for Christmas one year!  But the love she put into her craft projects is what makes all of them so very special to me.

GrandmaValentine1 GrandmaValentine2